Monday, May 19, 2008

Teachings Of Sri Satya Sai Baba...

Sai Baba's incarnation was not aimed to create a new religion or another way of worshiping GOD but aimed at developing human values like:

1. One should know the presence of divinity in him. He should change his life style. So that he merge himself in to that Divinity which is already present in him.

2. To know the importance of greatness of love and perfection apply in one’s daily life.

3. By practicing this Divinity, man in his life gets Beauty, bliss, politeness, adjust ability, human skill, permanent happiness, truthfulness, Righteousness, peace, Love, and non-violence.

4. With the help of above good qualities, one can bridge the gap between relations, which are not up to the mark now a days, as expected.

5. Baba always says that every Religion preaches that –GOD is one and men should show brotherly hood on one another.

6. In Baba’ opinion: There is only one

  • Religion—Religion of Love.
  • Cast [sect]—Human beings.
  • Language—the language of the heart.
  • God—Omnipotent omnipresent.

7. Everyone should afraid of doing sin and should lead moral life

8. Every organization must serve the human beings by imparting good education involving them in spiritual programmes.

9. Every act of human beings should please the GOD.

10. Baba defined love s follows:
  • Love gives and forgives.
  • Selfishness gets and forgets.

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