Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bad Qualities Which God Dislikes...

An honest and truth speaking person is considered as ‘ENEMY’ to this world. But, he is liked by God very much. The human mentality is that they like external appearances and easily fell prey to the so called luxury life.
When Pontius Pilate –the Governor asked Jesus – What is the truth? (before crucifixion)
Jesus replied “I am the truth”. So, Jesus is the embodiment of truth.

Bad qualities which God dislikes are:

  1. Telling lies.
  2. Giving false witnesses.
  3. Harming the others.
  4. Rapes and Egoism.
  5. Cunning Nature.
  6. Greed for Wealth.

The trouble is most of the persons are not sincerely believe God. They are pretending and behaving as a great devotees. One has to ask his or her inner soul (equal to God).
A person who is afraid of God never commit wrong doings. He always behaves as a lovely and kind hearted man...

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