Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5 Factors That Affect Happiness In Life...

1. Avidya (Ignorance)
2. Abhinava-Klesha (Immaturity)
3. Asthitha-Klesha (Unsteadiness)
4. Raga-klesha (Attachment)
5. Dwesha- klesha (Hatred).

1. Ignorance: One who identifies himself with the body is a fool (murkha). This foolishness makes one to forget his true nature. As long as man has a body, he experiences various kinds of sorrow. The day he realizes that he is not the body but the’ Indwelling Spirit,’’ he experiences true bliss.

2. Immaturity: The mind is the root cause of all kinds of desires and pains. When man is able to free himself from desires and disregard the mind, he experiences Ananda(Bliss).

3. Unsteadiness: This suffering arises from an insatiable appetite for all kinds of things. It is the result of man being immersed in the vagaries of sensual pleasures.

4. Attachment: All evil tendencies like, hatred, envy and brutal nature etc, arise from Raga (attachment). Too much attachment is the real cause of sorrow.

5. Hatred: arises when a man fails to obtain what he seeks from someone. This is due to selfishness and self-seeking.

Keeping in view your future, you have to make the right use of the present and follow the right path. Everything that happens to you is the consequence of your own thoughts and actions.

So having faith in God, the Almighty - we can easily overcome the above five troubles or sufferings.

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