Sunday, May 18, 2008

Purpose Of Our Birth On This Earth...

The purpose of human birth is realized only, when an individual gains spiritual knowledge, which puts an end to rebirth.

Self –realization is the ultimate purpose of our existence here and it should be achieved before we leave this world.

Liberation is not only the fruit of spiritual quest but also attainment of metal peace and eternal joy, even while living in this world.

Remember always- human birth is a rare opportunity given to us by the Almighty, GOD and one should strive to realize this goal in this life, without wasting it just in materialistic pursuits.
The first step towards reorienting oneself to this objective is to develop discrimination between what is essential, important and permanent what is not in life. This enables the seeker to remain focused, when his mind is swayed by sensory attractions of this world.

The truth is only very people developed the urge to strive for liberation. In ‘’Bhagavan Gita’’ (song of God), Lord Krishna clearly mentioned, "Hardly one among thousands of men strives to realize Me’’.

He also stated that" those striving Yogis(devoted persons),again, some rare one(devoting himself exclusively to God),knows Me in reality." This hard fact is difficult to swallow and also depressing, but this should be taken in the right spirit, for it is not to dissuade a person from striving for liberation, that the lord has said this.

It is to reinforce that one that develops even some interest in spiritual life, must consider himself lucky enough and to strive more seriously.

Many spiritual seekers start earnestly, but with so many distractions in worldly life, get diverted along the line. Hence the determination to persist till the end must be realized, seriously.

Man should desire only that which would give him eternal joy-knowledge that liberates. It is such one pointed passion for realizing the objective that can bestow success in spiritual life.
After training the mind to be discriminative, the spiritual aspirant must understand the nature of the ‘’Supreme Being’’.

Bliss is different from happiness. Material pursuits give happiness, that to for a short period only, where as the bliss we obtain after attaining ‘’ Self- Realization’’ is eternal and its greatness is felt by personal experience only.

Then only the purpose of our life in this world is fulfilled.

Source: The Hindu...

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