Sunday, May 4, 2008

Life would be if...

Imagine how your life would be if:

* You would no longer have to spend a single day in uncertainty and hopelessness
* You have total confidence and self-acceptance
* You have eliminated feelings of rejection
* You surround yourself with loving people who accept you just the way you are
* You are able to have fulfilling relationships
* You start every day with a feeling of purpose and joy
* You can confidently approach anyone and start up a conversation with ease
* You can make friends anytime anywhere
* You attract the people you want to have in your life
* You have total clarity about your future and dreams
* People admire who you are
* Your marriage has a fresh breeze of romance everyday as if it was the first time you fell in love ...

Hhhmmmmmmm... Life would be heaven...

1 comment:

jayashree said...

oh baby darling! your "Life would be if...." is simply wonderful. Wow i can imagine how life would be if all the things turned true. But alas!! it can never be so for anyone darling. kahin zameen to kahin aasman nahi milta. But I love the way you think. Keep up your good work.